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Ways to stay motivated about your fitness routine during Lockdown.

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Set realistic goals but stick to them!

Write a weekly plan - refer to it and add to it daily

Do not compare yourself to others - you are you so own it!

Stress Jar - how full is this on a day to day basis? Are you burning yourself out doing too much of the same type of workout? Its good to change it up especially at the moment with restrictions in place it gives you a chance to try new workouts and to keep that body guessing!

Often the thought of doing exercise is actually a lot worse than the actual workout! A lot of people always ask me where do I get my motivation from. Its really about self belief, not giving into negative thoughts and pushing through boundaries that I set myself.

Never talk yourself out of a workout - my no. 1 advice is to just get on with it go out for that run, that walk, that online class what do you have to loose?

Make time for "Homework on yourself" it sounds corny but giving yourself an hr every day to do something for YOU.'s a pretty picture that I took on a run was freezing, I was tired, I really couldn't be bothered to run but I did - give yourself credit for all workouts that you achieve no matter how small they may seem.

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